The Investigations Division of the Benson Police Department consists of one Detective, and one Supervisor, Lt. Greg Percy. Each investigator can, and does undertake all types of criminal investigations, but they primarily are assigned to specific crimes. Lieutenant Percy is responsible for Financial Crimes, and other crimes against persons and property as necessary. Detective Relaye Capps is responsible for Property Crimes, and other crimes against persons and property as necessary. The investigators normally work together on Major Crimes and Narcotics Investigations, and one is on call every week, to respond to incidents as necessary.


Once a report is filed with the Patrol Division, it will be forwarded to the Investigations Division for review. If there is sufficient information to initiate an investigation, the case will be assigned to a Detective. However, if there is little or no information to follow up on, the case will be classified as Inactive. If and when additional information is discovered, the case will be re-activated, and the investigation will resume.


Some of the most common information that will assist the Detective investigating a case is the Model Number and Serial Number for stolen property, and the names and any addresses for potential suspects. If more information is provided to the Detective, it greatly increases the chances of a suspect being identified, located, and arrested.


If you would like to speak to a Detective regarding a report you filed, you have information about a crime, or you have a compliment or complaint regarding the Investigations Division, please contact Lieutenant Greg Percy at 919-894-2091. You may also contact Lt. Percy by email or Det. Capps by email, and you can send anonymous information to the Crimeline.

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